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Most of the people dream. Some dreams could be remembered clearly, some couldn’t.


According to Sigmund Freud, every dream represents a wish fulfillment. Dreams are representative of the imaginary fulfillment of a wish or impulse in early childhood before such wishes have been repressed.


I do dreams too. But not often, most of them I couldn’t remember after woke up.


One night Miguel had a dream.

“In the dream, I was on somewhere like a village. There were a lot of people, I felt some people were familiar, some were not. Everybody was running because the strong flood was coming. And seemed everybody and I all knew it was going to take everyone and everything away if we didn’t find the way to avoid it. So I was running too, trying hard to find a place to hide. I couldn’t find it after checked couple places when I could even see the flood was coming. Finally, I gave up searching, just stood and waited, even imaged how painful I would feel soon, how long it would take to be over. After the flood was gone, I was still alive. I was so surprised and happy.

After I woke up the next morning, I didn’t remember some small details, but the big images, strong feelings of nervousness and fear were still very clear in my mind.”


The other day, she shared this dream with me.

I asked, what kind of feelings and emotions she had in the dream.

Miguel said, nervous and scared, scared of the feeling of being drowned.

I asked, anything in her life made her think or might connect with this dream.

Miguel said, she thought a lot about her family’s big move to US, a lot of worries too.


According to The Interpretation of Dreams, water is connected with emotions, emotions from somebody or something.

Dream of the flood, instead of a rivulet or boiled water, means it’s a big thing or something with strong affection.

The feelings of nervousness and fear mean how we feel about the reality when we face to this thing.

Gave up, stood and waited for the flood, means probably feel helpless, can’t change, so accept.

Fortunately wasn’t drowned at the end, means still feel hope and good of the future.


Miguel was happy to understand her dream clearly. Then she asked a question probably everybody else would ask in the same way:

“Will the prevision in the dream become true, turn to a real prevision?”


Life will always bring us the good things if we always foresee the positive things and keep the positive mind. Similarly, Life will always bring us the bad things if we always foresee the negative things and keep the negative mind. This is The Law of Attraction.

Dreams actually reflect the reality. In the reality, under the conscious, we don’t have a lot of feelings when we face to a problem. But in the dreams, it’s subconscious, it shows more feelings clearly. Obviously, when we have happy and good feelings in the dreams, probably also means there’re happy things happening in reality.

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