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The Art & The Ancient Relic—Brussel

Except TRIPADVISOR, BOOKING.COM, my roommates in hostel also introduce me another app GOEURO to transfer in different cities easily with a cheaper way.


I travel 3 hours from Rotterdam to Brussel by bus(Flixbus). It’s comfortable and clean. Even the train is faster and more popular in Europe, the price by bus is just 30% of the price by train. If you have time, like to travel around the Europe and pay lower budget, the bus is the best and safer transportation.


The first difference impresses me between Netherland and Belgium is the people. The Dutch are very nice. Every time I asked for help, they always helped me with a lot of patience. But no one talked to me or asked me if I needed help voluntarily. In Belgium, someone come to ask me if I need help when I look confused after just getting out of the bus. Even the taxi driver chat with me casually about my plans.






By the time I travel in Brussel, the terrorist attacks had just happened a
few months ago. That’s why I see military force everywhere. As usual, I didn’t do any research before I came. I feel a bit nervous after knowing what happened. But it doesn’t stop me enjoying this city.





Brussel is like a huge museum. You could see the churches and buildings far from 16th – 18th Century in different streets, and the ancient arts in any corners. It’s hard to describe this city. You just have to see by yourself.






The chocolate and the other desserts definitely drive people crazy when they see.


Travel Tips: There’re lockers for luggage in Central Station and Northern Station. Price is 4-6 Euros depends on the size.

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