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Are You Going Through A Speechless Marriage

People always carry all of their hearts getting into a marriage and believe they could live happily ever after.

By the time flies, unfortunately, when the difficulty of marriage shows up, the participants show out in negative ways. They forget to put on their face of maturity, seek help, and not make excuses for the negative choices that tear away at the foundation of love that their marriage should have been built upon.

Walls are torn down that so lovingly was built on the premise of protection and support for each other against the outside world. Inflicting insults and sarcasm you’ve finally entered the realm of narcissistic behavior because you want everything to be about you. You’ve lost your ability to hear and understand someone else’s perspective.

In broken marriages where the love has dissipated, you’ll find yourself still caught up into memories of the good times. Often finding yourself confused with the familiarity of the relationship and the acknowledgment that letting go would be your best alternative, you struggle with loneliness and the temporary loss of connection with your spouse.

How to keep your marriage fresh and sweet?

The Psychology Therapist always like to suggest these couple steps:

1, Always says “Thank you” to your spouse.

Even when you believe it’s the responsibility of your spouse, a “Thank you” will show your attention and respect to them.

2, Instead of “Why didn’t you do this”, we should often say “I am so happy you tried this/I am so proud you did that”.

Praise makes people a good mood. Most of the people usually like to complain when there’s something not happening on expectation. But never notice it actually doesn’t work or improve much even you try to complain about same thing 100 times.

3, Always try to hug each other more when sleeping.

The skin connection normally shows your love and sexual needs. Not need to convince yourself that how difficult to build a sleeping habit could be.

4, Kiss and hug each other everyday and show the love

Don’t even think or use “ She/He knows I love her/him” this kind of excuse stop showing your love, or be shy to show out that.

5, Delete all the horrible words in your mind for your spouse.

Many people will say horrible words to hurt their spouses when they are angry. It calls “selfish action” or “language violence”. According to the research, it destroys many marriages.

6, Build the common hobbies with your spouse.

It’s good chance to share happiness when you enjoy the common hobbies.

7, Passionate sexual life

Sex is the most important part in marriages. In fact, many couples don’t have good sexual life and shy to find the way to fix.

8, Deep discussion of your real feeling

The difference between male’s and female’s thought is big, could even say huge. A good and deep discussion of your real feeling about something always make each other open mind and understand each other much more than you could imagine.

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