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Tips For A Long Term Relationship

Top 12 things you could try to last your relationship longer and longer


1, Never forget why you fell in love at the first place

When lovers start to argue, complain and fight, normally they would start to doubt if they find the wrong person. Always remember why you fell in love could help you to keep the positive mind.


2, Do something amazing, surprising, special and unforgettable to your partners

Such as a loving note tucked into a pocket, a special dinner on an otherwise ordinary night, a little flower next to her pillow, and so on, a playlist made up with his favorite songs, and so on.


3, Kiss and hug, say you love her/him everyday

With this strong rule between each other, and continue to do it everyday even one day you have a fight, everything could let go much easier.


4, Teach your partner what makes you happy

Not need to conceal what makes you happy, what you like your partner to behave herself/himself. It’s always better that you share more with each other and make it work better than hide your feelings and explore in one day.


5, Learn what pleases your partner sexually

Make it clear that her/his pleasure is your pleasure, and you want to discover everything about what turns her/him on. He/she will be happy to have you experiment. A healthy sexual life is very important to a relationship.


6, Make mutual friends

The longer a relationship gets, the harder it can be to make time for socializing in addition to the work necessary to maintain your relationship. To make it easier on yourself, try to do both at the same time. Make friends together and socialize as a couple.


7, Set mutual goals

Figure out what you need to be doing to grow your relationship and your life together.

In the early stages, this might mean things like saving money together, finishing school, securing a career, and other steps to get yourself ready for settling down more comfortably.

In later stages, this might mean things like marriage and kids, starting to invest your money and other family-oriented goals.


8, Give each other spaces

Partners smothering each other is another path to an unhealthy relationship. Give each other enough room so that things remain comfortable for both of you, such as read alone, girls’ talk, men’s sports time, etc.


9, Take care of yourself

Don’t just assume that since you’ve had yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend for awhile that they will just stick around if you totally let yourself go. To keep them interested, and to keep your own confidence levels up, take good care of yourself, never give up to show them your charm.


10, Share responsibilities

Just because your partner tends to take care of things a lot doesn’t mean they want sole responsibility, it just means that they’re picking up your slack. Show your appreciation by taking your share of the load every now and then makes your relationship more stable.


11, Be loyal to your partner

One of the most important parts of a long-term relationship has to do with loyalty. You should not put yourself into a long-term relationship if you still can’t handle this part.


12, Commit to your partner

Commitment may be as simple as being open about an “exclusive” arrangement, or as serious as getting engaged, depending on what you’ve discussed with your partner. But committing and choosing to work on your relationship, to make compromises to serve that relationship, is an important step.

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