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If I Don’t Get Married


Single women, are not the kind of people who need to be commiserated and protected.

        Single women, are becoming the most charming women in this time.

        Single women, are independent, intelligent. They know what they need, do what they want.


In the reality, if people are still single when they are 30 or 35, or if they still don’t plan to get married when they are 40, definitely they will feel the anxiety from families and friends. People might think they are living in a miserable life, or even have psychological problems.

But, in the reality now, we could drop down all these pressures and live alone happily.


1, We are living in a high divorced period.

I am not the kind of people who don’t want to get married or saying marriage is not good.

The percentage of divorce is related to many reasons. It’s a type of sign of human being development too: People are not longer to keep themselves in a painful relationship and scaring of getting rid of it because of “morality restrains” and “discrimination”.


2, Women are having better educations, getting better jobs, and becoming more independent.

Long time ago, women were more like the family appendant to have babies and taking care of the men. Most of families were not apart based on this kind of need.

Nowadays a lot of women have even higher educations and better career than men. That makes them avoid to depend on men and live alone confidently.


3, On the internet social time, people start to enjoy a lot of social activities through different platforms. It’s easy to make friends and connect with the world.

Also more and more people have economic support for social life or single life. You don’t have to depend on a marriage to keep your life safely, or expect someone to bring you happiness.



From life, from my career, I have heard of many bad stories about marriages. But I don’t mean that people should not get married. Nowadays, still a lot of people get married because they need, they should, not because they want, they are ready for that.


If I don’t get married, it’s because I haven’t found the one for the rest of my life.

If I don’t get married, it’s because I know I am not ready for a new type of lifestyle.

If I don’t get married, it’s because I am happy of being alone now.

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