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Beautiful & Hot City—Barcelona

It’s one of my dream places that I really like even before I arrive.


About the people

I arrive in Barcelona at night time. It’s already 10:30 PM after I get out of the train station. I try to ask a taxi driver about the hostel where I need to go. He can’t speak English. But he tries to check the place on his phone and show me the direction.

That makes me feel warm and safe when I walk alone in a new city during the late night.


About the food

        Compare to the western style foods from other European Countries, I like the Spanish foods the most. The taste is stronger.

As usual without any research, but I still know what is famous here that I will like: Paella + Sangria. For me, they are the perfect match.


About the views

Barcelona is a “hot” city. People are hot, the weather is hot, and the views are very hot too.

Barcelona’s ocean is one of the most beautiful oceans in the world. The water is very clean. A lot of people like to lie on the beach relaxing and taking the sunbath. People are more open mind here. You could see half naked people or fully naked people on the beach no matter males or females, young people or older people.

Walk on the beach, with the hot wind, great view, pretty people, all these things make me fall in love with this city so much. And you can stop anytime to have a cold drink on the beach. 



About the cultures


        Antoni Gaudi was an architect from Catalonia, Spain. He created a lot of amazing buildings in Barcelona. The most famous ones I have visited are Sagrada Familia, the most beautiful church I have ever seen, from outside and inside.




Casa Batllo looks like a fairy castle from outside.



Casa Mila, a nice special building that is hard to take your eyes away.



Park Guell, a wonderful park composed of gardens and architectonic elements. Could see the city view here.



There’re a lot of things to see too in the old district of Barcelona. There’re tourist guides go to pick up people who like to join the guide from their hotel every morning. Then they separate different groups by different languages more as Spanish and English. Mostly the tourist guides show the old district. It’s free but accept tips. lol…  Most of the people pay 5 or 10 euros if they are happy with the guide.


And so on. There’re many museums in Barcelona. Most of them you could find their websites and book the tickets online. The prices of the tickets are 15-30 euros. At least need to take couple days if you want to visit all, and it’s a big spend.


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